Mexico 2014


For our one year anniversary in October 2014 (yes I know I’m WAY behind on my blog…bad bad blogger), we went back to our honeymoon destination, Akumal Mexico.  We stayed at the same resort where we honeymooned and will definitely stay there again in the future.  This place has stolen our hearts.

Days were spent laying on the beach, snorkeling just off shore, swimming and snorkeling several different kinds of cenotes, and enjoying all that Bahia Principe has to offer!



Hopefully we’ll be back in 2016!

FearlessGal got ENGAGED & MARRIED!


This blog started out oh so many years ago as a way to start coping with my life changes.  Over the years I’ve changed my needs for this blog.  I’ve been very limited in what I’ve posted about my relationship with my boyfriend (we just celebrated our 3 year dating anniversary).  Well that’s likely to change going forward in some aspects because…HE PROPOSED at 12:30AM on April 8th 2013!

Our relationship isn’t perfect, but it works for us and I love him and am so happy to call him my husband!



He picked out the ring all on his own and totally surprised me with the proposal!  I couldn’t be happier!

Well I couldn’t blog about the wedding planning while it was going on for various reasons.  But I’ll catch everyone up…

We had some changes in our initial idea if how we wanted our day to be.  My cousin graciously offered her home & property for our wedding and we couldn’t say no, her place is just so beautiful!  It was a warm humid October day, overcast, and threatening rain all day (actually POURED down until about 2hrs before the service).

Here are a few photos of our big day!



















We went on our honeymoon a few weeks later to Akumal, Mexico.  It’s down near Tulum.  We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Sian Ka’an.  It’s adults only and was beautiful, we absolutely cannot wait to visit again some day!

























2013 was such an amazing year for us!  We couldn’t be happier then we are now!

Other FearlessGal Updates


In my last post about Weight Watchers I said I don’t know where the time went or how it went by so fast…but I do know.  The holidays came and went, a cruise vacation occurred, I experienced the death of my 19 year old brother, we have painted some more rooms in our house and replaced the floors in our 3 bedrooms, hallway and front living room.  Life has just been crazy!

Weight Watchers Update – Weeks 20-35


Again I have no idea what happened to weeks 20-35, so again a brief overview of the last few months:

Week 20 – Lost 2.2lbs.  Total loss =33.8lbs
Week 21 – Lost 0.6
Week 22 – Lost 0.4
Week 23 – Gained 1.4
Week 24 – Gained 0.8
Week 25 – Lost 2.4
Week 26 – Lost 1.6
Week 27 – Lost 0.6
Week 28 – Gained 0.6
Week 29 – Lost 2.4
Week 30 – Lost 1
Week 31 – Lost 2.4
Week 32 – Lost 1.2
Week 33 – Lost 0.4
Week 34 – Gained 0.2
Week 35 – Lost 1.8
TOTAL LOSS = 45.6lbs!

This last week I was able to do 3 amazing things…Buy a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller, buy and wear a pair of 3 inch heels (which hasn’t been a choice in 5+ years because my weight made my ankles hurt so much), and the third was to get back to my 1 hour on the elliptical.

Can’t wait to keep this journey going!

Weight Watchers Weeks 8 – 19. Where did the weeks go?


I have no idea what happened to weeks 8-18, and only noticed when I came to write about week 19, so I’ll just give you a brief breakdown of how weeks 8-19 went rather then trying to rewrite the entire thing.

Week 8 – Lost 3.4lbs.  Total loss = 18.4lbs
Week 9 – Lost 1.2lbs.  Total loss = 19.6lbs
Week 10 – Lost 3lbs.  Total loss = 21.4lbs
Week 11 – Lost 0.2lbs.  Total loss = 21.6lbs
Week 12 – Lost 1.8lbs.  Total loss =23.4lbs
Week 13 – Lost 3.2lbs.  Total loss = 26.6lbs
Week 14 – Lost 2.2lbs.  Total loss = 28.8lbs
Week 15 – Gained 1lb.  Total loss = 27.8lbs
Week 16 – Lost 1.6lbs.  Total loss = 29.4lbs (I LOST weight the week of Thanksgiving…a miracle!)
Week 17 – Lost 0.6lbs.  Total loss = 30lbs – WOO HOO!
Week 18 – Lost 1.6lbs.  Total loss = 31.6lbs

Week 19 – GAINED 1lb.  Total loss = 30.6lbs.  This gain didn’t surprise me at all.  My birthday was December 4th and I weighed in on December 6th.  This was after a birthday night out that included 2am cheeseburgers & fries from FiveGuys, a grilled chicken sandwich (dry) and fries from McDonalds, 2 other birthday dinners, 1 birthday lunch and several several sweets in the middle of all of that.  Because of the holiday and my birthday I barely cooked for almost 2.5 weeks…SCARY!  But I’m back on track now and hope to correct this at the next weigh in.


Weight Watchers ~ Week 7


Changed up my meeting day/time this week because as of this week I don’t work on Friday’s anymore.

It’s funny to me how nervous I get when I need to attend a different meeting then usual.  I know it’s silly but I sort of feel like I’m crashing a party, lol.  But onward I went.  I was very happy to try a different leader.  She was very nice, up beat and encouraging.  I can’t wait to go back on Friday next week.  I lost 1.4lbs, bringing my 7 week total to 15 lbs even.  All in all it was an okay week.  I had some major food indiscretions this week.  Lots of vodka & drinks, pop, cookies…and salty tortilla trips…habits that won’t be in my routine this next week ahead!

I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks and I am hoping to hear her happiness with my loss.

Good luck everyone & have a good week!

Weight Watchers ~ Week 5 & 6


I don’t know how I missed posting the last two weigh-ins!

In week 5 I had an ok week.  I did very well staying in my points.  It’s getting easier and easier to stick with this program.  I lost 1.8lbs in week 5 and started to notice that my pants & shorts are getting baggy in my butt & thigh area.  Can’t wait to see and feel the change in other places!  With my 1.8lbs loss this week I was at a total loss of 10.6lbs!

In week 6 I did not think it was a good week at all.  We ate out quite a bit this during week 6 and I indulged in some “treats”.  But I still stayed within my points for the most part only dipping into my weekly points slightly.  I was discouraged going into my weigh-in, I was sure the scale was not going to be my friend…much to my surprise the scale was VERY much my friend…I lost 3lbs!  This brings me to a total of 13.6lbs lost that are NEVER returning!  This also got me to hit my 5% goal.  It’s so nice to see the numerical progress.  I am feeling better too.  I don’t have as many of the general aches that normally enter my day, I’m a little less tired at the end of the day, and I just mentally feel better that I’m taking an active role in my health.

Now it’s time to start working some more exercise into my life!